United Network of Professionals



UNP is a leading Skills and Talent Development Corporation which helps students and working professional develop skills in basic and advanced analytics to enable them to emerge as “Industry Ready” professionals and enhance their career opportunities. We are a team of analytics industry experts spread across various domains like Telecom, Energy, Retail, Risk, Banking and Finance.

We are operating predominantly from UK, with a footprint across three continents, our constant endeavor is to impart high quality training with hands on analytics experience.

Our belief is Analytics is fun and nothing but “Rational Thinking Teamed with Common Sense”


United Network of Professionals was founded in March,2016 by Data Scientists and Analytics Industry Leaders from Around the Globe.


Advisory Team

The Advisory Team of UNP consists of Industry Leaders with more than 15-20 yrs. of experience backing them up and houses the likes of
(Senior Vice-President & Head of Information Management, HSBC,India,
Analytics Leaders,TCS,UK
Senior Consultant, FICO
Chief Business Hacker, San Franciso, US)


Thought Partners

Any Organization propels to success with Flawless Operations, Best in Class Quality and a Clear Vision. Our Thought partners are Business Leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world connecting San Francisco Bay , UAE and Mumbai.